Sculpture – Week One

Cardboard structure using the starting brief of PROND

Using the brief of the word “Prond” we were asked to create sculptures using cardboard. To me the word ‘prond’ made me think of; isolation, water and fluidity. I tried to capture this with my cardboard model. I found it difficult to work with the rigidity of the cardboard and it took a while to find the best way to stick the cardboard together. In the end hot glue worked the best to hold the sculpture together.

Author: Daizi Davies

My name is Daizi Davies and I am 19 years old from Cardiff. I like to draw inspiration for my art from my personal life and the challenges I face day to day. I like to experiment with many different mediums but the common link that all my work has is that it is highly autobiographical. My main aim with anything I create is to tell a story and make whoever is viewing it feel something. I am currently studying Fine Art at DeMontford University and I hope to grow as an artist as well as learn new things that will help me in my future as an artist.

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