Tate Modern


Soon as you step inside the Tate Modern you are immediately immersed by the ‘scentscapes’ of Anicka Yi’s In Love with The World. The work commissioned by Hyundai features large jellyfish like flying objects that float above the people walking through the entrance. Having this piece as the first thing people see when they enter the Tate Modern sets the tone for what is expected throughout the gallery.

Established in 200o the Tate Modern is a gallery located in London and is part of a group of galleries including Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives. It houses contemporary and modern art from a wide variety of international artists. Entry is free although some exhibitions require payment.

Compared to the visit I had made to Whitewall Galleries I felt very moved by my visit to the Tate Modern. Personally I felt the body of work was more genuine. Unlike Whitewall Galleries the pieces didn’t have the price displayed next to the work and each piece had a summary of the work and the artist behind it. It is clear that the work made for Whitewall Galleries is made to appeal to the masses in a highly commercialized environment where as the work in the Tate Modern was made by the artist to share a message or story.

Author: Daizi Davies

My name is Daizi Davies and I am 19 years old from Cardiff. I like to draw inspiration for my art from my personal life and the challenges I face day to day. I like to experiment with many different mediums but the common link that all my work has is that it is highly autobiographical. My main aim with anything I create is to tell a story and make whoever is viewing it feel something. I am currently studying Fine Art at DeMontford University and I hope to grow as an artist as well as learn new things that will help me in my future as an artist.

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