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CPS Week Eight

First used in Asia oil paints date back to the 7th century, being used in Buddist paintings and decorating shields in Afghanistan. It was first used in Europe for decoration in the 12th century but, by the 15th century it had become a commonly used material in art. Known for their thickness and long drying times oil paints are still widely used today.

“Flesh is the reason oil paint was invented”

Willem de Kooning 1904 – 1997

Dutch painter Jan van Eyck who was once mistakenly credited as being the “Inventor of oil painting” due to a quote from Giorgio Vasari has been said to be the first master of oil painting and had a large role to play in the early days of oil painting in Europe. Van Eyck’s work went on to inspire Italian painter Antonello da Messina is said to have introduced oil paints to Italy. Active during the early Renaissance Antonello da Messina studied the surfaces of van Eyck’s paintings and recreated them within his own work.

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Arnolfini Portrait 1434 – Jack van Eyck


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Virgin Annunciate – Antonello da Messina

The use of oil paints did not stop after the Renaissance and were continued to be used in many infamous pieces of work. Vincent Van Gogh used oil paints on canvas to create ‘The Stary Night’. The thickness of the paint allowed for a textured finish.

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The Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh (1889)


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