Project Four

After looking at the work of Lindsay Obermeyer I felt inspired to continue to look and reflect on the subject of femininity.

Lindsay Obermeyer -

I decided to focus on breasts as they are often typically linked to femininity. I used modrock to create plaster casts of my bare chest. Although after reflecting on these moulds I didn’t personally feel comfortable displaying my bare chest but, I did like the effect of the modrock which made me want to continue using it

To work around this issue I decided to use a bra to cover my chest. I feel like the inclusion of a bra adds an extra layer of commentary to the piece.Β 

For my first attempt, I didn’t make the bra and chest piece separately which ended up making the piece look distorted – there was no clear divide between the chest and the bra.Β 

Lindsay Obermeyer

Immigration: Missing You – 2008
Life Force- 2008
Ball and Chain – 2005
Don’t Leave Me – 2005

Linsey Obermeyer’s “Womans Work” collection 1997-2008 is a series of pieces that consist of knitted jumpers. The main theme of the pieces consist around motherhood. The piece “Immigration: Missing You – 2008” features two jumpers one made to fit Obermeyer and the other made to fit her daughter separated by a fence. The piece leaves a feeling of isolation and despair

I liked the use of the softer materials and everyday objects and alters them to convey such heavy topics.

Claus Oldenburg Project

For the first sculpture project we looked at Claus Oldenburg and his large scale projects. After looking at in particular his “Ice Bag” 1971 I began to look into a paper bag.

Claus Oldenburg Ice Bag 1971

To begin with, I began with creating sketches of a paper bag.

I decided to build the bag out of clay to try and replicate the folds in the paper.

Project Two

After working on my first Oldenburg inspired project I wanted to stay focused on the general idea of a bag but add my own artistic style. Almost linking to my painting project I wanted to still focus on my human anatomy. I wanted to focus on hands as they are versatile and would be able to developed upon.

In my original plans I wanted to create a bag out of hands.

To start my project I went to the plastics workshop to make a mould of my hand.

Using alginate (a seaweed based powder) mixed with water I was able to make a realistic mould of my hand. To make the mould I took a sheet of plastic and hot glued it into a tube big enough to fit my hand. I filled the tube up with the alginate mixture and had to insert my hand into the mixture quickly. I had to wait for approximately 5 minutes for the mixture to dry around my hand then added plaster to create a cast of my hand.

After creating the plaster hand I coated it in multiple layers of silicone to create a reusable mould.

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Painting – Group Crit

Week Seven


  • “Internal workings of a human being” – very literal, maybe about emotions
  • Found the two distorted portraits interesting – liked the fact the pieces needed to be looked at to find out what they were, faces coming though the layers of paint
  • Good technical skill – liked the darker elements, something different
  • Pieces made them think of structure of the body – life expediency
  • Textured ‘swirl’ painting on MDF could link to; cells, structure of brain, organs
    • simple but complicated, good technical skill, good contrast against MDF
  • Liked the paintings on acetate – could try layering them, break down different layers of the body
  • Preferred work – paintings where subject could be questioned