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The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp – Rembrandt

Skull of a Skeleton With Burning Cigarette – Vincent van Gogh

Marian Wawrzeniecki - Old truth lies in books - MP 946 - National Museum in Warsaw.jpg
Old truths lie in books – Wawrzeniecki

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The Garden of Death – Hugo Simberg

Author: Daizi Davies

My name is Daizi Davies and I am 19 years old from Cardiff. I like to draw inspiration for my art from my personal life and the challenges I face day to day. I like to experiment with many different mediums but the common link that all my work has is that it is highly autobiographical. My main aim with anything I create is to tell a story and make whoever is viewing it feel something. I am currently studying Fine Art at DeMontford University and I hope to grow as an artist as well as learn new things that will help me in my future as an artist.

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