Project Four

After looking at the work of Lindsay Obermeyer I felt inspired to continue to look and reflect on the subject of femininity.

Lindsay Obermeyer -

I decided to focus on breasts as they are often typically linked to femininity. I used modrock to create plaster casts of my bare chest. Although after reflecting on these moulds I didn’t personally feel comfortable displaying my bare chest but, I did like the effect of the modrock which made me want to continue using it

To work around this issue I decided to use a bra to cover my chest. I feel like the inclusion of a bra adds an extra layer of commentary to the piece.Β 

For my first attempt, I didn’t make the bra and chest piece separately which ended up making the piece look distorted – there was no clear divide between the chest and the bra.Β 

Claus Oldenburg Project

For the first sculpture project we looked at Claus Oldenburg and his large scale projects. After looking at in particular his “Ice Bag” 1971 I began to look into a paper bag.

Claus Oldenburg Ice Bag 1971

To begin with, I began with creating sketches of a paper bag.

I decided to build the bag out of clay to try and replicate the folds in the paper.